Friday, February 29, 2008


I finally decided to check out one of the Japanese clothing boutiques in Elizabeth Center. I freaking love the place that I went to. They don't have much room for window shopping, so you either go in or run away. 's the one on the far right of the ground level. They always give their stores such god awful names so I'm not mentioning this one...
So a year ago, I went to this shop with Mish and I found a sweater I really wanted; blackxred stripe with cat ears on the hood; $48. I didn't have any money on me at the time and the next time I visited a few months later, it wasn't in stock anymore.
Back to now; they only have a few punkish hoodies as the lady claimed. She's changing all clothes to the more mature styles so the hoodies are on sale; half off until they've all been sold. Since she had so few customers and I really wanted another hoodie, I bought a grayxblack stripe with bunny ears. YES bunny ears- with grommets. To my shock, one of the ones she's not gonna stock any more is GLP (Gothic&Lolita Punk). Their hoodies are actually nice, but don't fit me.
There was also another one with a brand I didn't catch, but the zipper didn't zip that well and it was HUGE on me. Even my brother can wear it with no problems.
my mum keeps telling me how long the sweater is. 's not that long is it?

btw. YaYa Tea Garden= Tic Tac Toe; their takoyaki gave me tummy ache D:

edit: Quality of sweater is so-so; not as good as brand. Hopefully, it'll at least keep me warm in spring weather.


Joy said...

It seems that you're looking to eat some takoyaki... there's this place in the East Village called Otafuku. I've had it before and it hasn't given me a stomachache. It's pretty good aside from Worcestershire sauce, which I'll probably never like. You know what I'm wondering? If you're allergic to some of the ingredients in takoyaki... hmmm.

Link to information about Otafuku :P

Joy said...

Another place you should probably check out is Cafe Zaiya, although it may be a little out of your reach, it's definetly worth going to. It's a little shop in Japantown on the East side. They sell bentos, onigiri, and different types of breads. Beard Papa has also set up shop in there, so you can have those tasty little cream puffs you had with your friend the other day. I recommend it more than Otafuku. Tasty!

Link to information about Cafe Zaiya :P

☆Hachiko☆ said...

o 3o I've heard of Otafuku and seen Yelp reviews already; I'll probably only try the okonomiyaki since other people get stomach aches too. And I went to Cafe Zaiya last week for BEARD PAPAS :D

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