Friday, February 29, 2008


I finally decided to check out one of the Japanese clothing boutiques in Elizabeth Center. I freaking love the place that I went to. They don't have much room for window shopping, so you either go in or run away. 's the one on the far right of the ground level. They always give their stores such god awful names so I'm not mentioning this one...
So a year ago, I went to this shop with Mish and I found a sweater I really wanted; blackxred stripe with cat ears on the hood; $48. I didn't have any money on me at the time and the next time I visited a few months later, it wasn't in stock anymore.
Back to now; they only have a few punkish hoodies as the lady claimed. She's changing all clothes to the more mature styles so the hoodies are on sale; half off until they've all been sold. Since she had so few customers and I really wanted another hoodie, I bought a grayxblack stripe with bunny ears. YES bunny ears- with grommets. To my shock, one of the ones she's not gonna stock any more is GLP (Gothic&Lolita Punk). Their hoodies are actually nice, but don't fit me.
There was also another one with a brand I didn't catch, but the zipper didn't zip that well and it was HUGE on me. Even my brother can wear it with no problems.
my mum keeps telling me how long the sweater is. 's not that long is it?

btw. YaYa Tea Garden= Tic Tac Toe; their takoyaki gave me tummy ache D:

edit: Quality of sweater is so-so; not as good as brand. Hopefully, it'll at least keep me warm in spring weather.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear Sarah of BentoTV,

Your most recent episodes have disappointed me. You're repeating things you've done in previous episodes and it's not much more helpful. Second of all, those chopsticks that are the size of your head are for EATING. People do eat with LONG CHOPSTICKS and I wish you'd hold them right. Third of all, fruit juice + tapioca pearls =/= Bubble Tea. Well gee, I didn't know it used TEA. I only continue to watch because you have nifty things and a big bento collection that I want badly.

I'd send this to her, but no. I really don't need to talk with her. At least she doesn't speak Wapanese on her posts.
I'll stick with Just Bento and Bento Corner...

Um... yea. Please do your research; your pronunciation doesn't matter as much since you're not a nihonjin. But seriously. Gomasio?

Monday, February 25, 2008


When one skirt isn't enough... just gotta buy a dress.
Anna House NEEDS more skirts and start stocking jumperskirts! I emailed Miva to ask whether or not they were gonna release a jumperskirt soon and she said yes... Turns out it was actually a onepiece dress.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Miscellaneous thoughts

I'm always bummed when I realize I have to grow in some way.

I always get flashbacks from years back; I wish I could relieve certain moments.
I know I'll look back to this moment.

Youtube brings back a ton of memories. When it just started, C. linked me to a lot of things and eventually I found a ton of artists I like a lot even now. Despite how childish Morning Musume sound at times and how strange Gackt is, I love listening to them.

Music is a big part of my life, though I forget sometimes..

I hate thinking about the future. I hate people who've already chosen their path (only because I'm jealous). I'm neither rich, nor as hardworking as some people yet I'm spoiled.

In middle school, I often felt isolated.

I'm sick right now. First it was a fever, then it was a sore throat. Now my nose is running like crazy and I don't leave my room because there's no heat in every other room.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

shop updates

Big news:
Pearl River Mart in SoHo now have MANY different Putifresh and V-Color bento boxes for under $3 each.
*check the NY bento store post from May '07 for more on PRMart, MUJI, and Kinokuniya

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My BPN goods from Kinokuniya

o 3o After staring and groping brands for an hour, I decided on the top and socks. I hate myself a bit for not buying the ALGONQUINS suspender skirt (which Anna ended up getting before me) but hey... I saved me some monies. At the rate I'm going, all my new years money will be gone in less than a month. So for now, I'll only invest in Anna House and RHS...
(does my brand virginity count as broken yet?)

SURPRISE! The middle and sides are adjustable. Can't believe I didn't notice before I bought it. Again. When I bought my Hurley sweater, I didn't notice the thumbholes in the sleeve. Makes me all the more happier in a sad way.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year

On Sunday, my mum dragged me to Chinatown to see the parade and lion dancing. But damn, did we come late and it already started to snow. So while we were walking down Hester, we went to see some rat-themed costume contest. Wasn't that bad at first. The third girl who walked up was 6 years old and her mum made her a whole costume with make up. Adorable yes!
Until I saw this white lady run up the stage.
wooden chopsticks..
and she was baring those teeth of hers like YUMYUMCHINESEFASTFOODD

She ran up to cameras and clacked her chopsticks at the crowd, photographers, and the people on stage. D:
I was ready to shout GET THIS FUCKER OFF THE STAGE! SHE'S KILLING MY COUNTRY'S 4000 YEARS OF HISTORY! But I left dragging my mum. No way am I gonna watch this takeout rat, no fucking way. Then I heard: I'M CHARLOTTE'S WEB'S RAT :DDDDD
the fail oh god...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008

good things

Today, I've had the most fun since forever. Even though I went to the Alice's Tea Cup on the wrong side of Manhattan and had to chase a crosstown bus to get to the east side... even though I had to through Chinatown and SoHo to get my mum's metrocard then run to Sunrise Mart..even though I had to run 10 blocks down Lexington to find Amber, it was loads of fun. burando grope
Good things: I got to know the other lolitas more, I got to eat good food at Alice's Tea Cup, I ate my first scone: pumpkin. Best of all, my mum finally got to see my Anna House skirt. Her reaction was, it's pretty... but up close, it's SO WIDE.

Which reminds me. While I waited for my mum at the Canal St. station, this blue-haired anime fangirl took one look at me and shouted, OMGGOTHICLOLITAAA.. then ran away.

My cup of tea :U I like it with as little sugar as possible, but man does this stuff smell fine!

Amber, you make me cry; 4 packets of non-sugar sweetener in a single cup of tea.

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