Saturday, March 29, 2008

bento picnic

I have this great longing to have loli picnic or even a regular picnic with all my bento boxes. I have more than enough boxes to serve food for at least 6 or so people. After seeing sets like these, I've been planning a bit. It would be great if I could make different things per box, or even buy more of my sakura boxes and fill them with lots of yoshoku food like omuraisu and hambagu.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Store updates; Chinatown + Koreatown

Check the shop section for updates on Japan Home Center. ^__^

edit: +Morning Glory and Han Ah Reum

D: Leena... where did you get your $2 furoshiki and tamagoyaki pan? I was too busy staring at all the Korean BBQ places and the hot guys who kept smoking (D: ew).

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Lolita Meet

The meet today was fucking epiccc. I'm too lazy to post everything that happened word for word, but basically, we went to the easter festival on 5th Ave, hung around central park, went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, watched a show and left home. I took a hell a lot of pictures+vids but I can't upload vids on this computer. I'll link to other pictures taken by Nancy or whoever else later. So yea... FOOD PORN <3

Monday, March 17, 2008


No photos of the wedding party I attended yesterday, but I went to Flushing, Queens for the first time (technically my 3rd) and actually got to walk around a few stores. This one building.. I can't remember the name of the building, but there is a Korean-Japanese restaurant, a Sbarro, Bali BBQ, a Paris Baguette being constructed, and a tea room called Rose House. I wish I could've stayed longer to actually EAT at Rose House. I'll find some time to go back there. There were WALLS filled with teacups and boxes of tea leaves and as far as I could tell, it looked expensive. Has anyone been here who can give a decent review besides this? I would also like to know the actual address of Queens Crossing so I can search it on hotstop... or even better, actual directions from subway station to Rose House.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thx vrymuch Amberrrr

Finally getting my first brand piece and dream jumperskirt since I watched Shimotsuma Monogatari; So I won't be getting the onepiece from Anna House.

I'm so happy ;A;
Hopefully Mai will win the auction, though there's still 2 more days before it ends.
Mai won the auction! JSK is mineee

amani (11:16:43 AM): it'd be pretty good
amani (11:16:54 AM): red tartan jsks + bows are hard to come by
nekohana x3 (11:17:00 AM): mm
nekohana x3 (11:17:10 AM): + new
nekohana x3 (11:17:16 AM): with tags
amani (11:17:55 AM): mhm
amani (11:18:05 AM): so if you were to sell it, you can easily sell it as a set
amani (11:18:14 AM): for the same price if not more
nekohana x3 (11:18:47 AM): <3

Friday, March 7, 2008

East Village exploration

On Fridays, I often go out into the city somewhere and find new places to eat and buy cheap groceries. So today I hit the Sunrise Mart on Stuyvesant St, Panya, and Whole Foods. Check the Japanese stores and bento supplies section for more details on Sunrise Mart and Panya.

Yelp and HotStop are my most helpful resources when I find places. The reviews on Yelp are quite interesting to read and since I have such a terrible sense of direction, I found many a place via HotStop complete with which subway exits to leave by, where to walk, and how long the walk+ subway ride will take.

;A; Whole Foods is an explosion of about everything I want. The artisan breads, the two-bite confectioneries, the big stacks of fruit... but it's so popular, that I have to squeeze past people at every shelf and leaving is just as big as a problem when billions of people are flooding in every second. The register system I haven't been through yet, but oh my god.. I want to run up to the lighted register numbers and the giant screen and just poke and prod them. I should get my mum to start buying stuff there.

This week I've lost: My gym lock, my ID card, my cellphone plushie (AI-CHAAAAN D;), my MUJI mech. pencil. I can really compile a list like this every week; shame on me.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beard Papa's bliss

Jenny gave me my first cream puff today. The crunchy outer shell, the huge mound of real vanilla custard cream all in:

OMGWTFBBQ where can I get this big beast of a cream puff? check here

Went to 8th Ave today; walked a mile to kill some time and I found some pretty neat stores that I'll actually revisit. If only there was purikura... somebody needs to start one.
I also found this one lady who sells cell phone plushies in front of one of the bakeries. She had 4 huge garbage bag size bags full of plushies and her kid had one on his zipper too. They were fairly cheap and she told me shipments come in from korea every week. I found a black Ai-chan plush and bought it immediately. But after walking around 8th Ave, I realized how much the Koreans mass produced her. I wonder if Otsuka Ai is aware of that. edit: are they actually factory rejects (they're not very perfect ie. crooked ear, glue not strong)?

(Ai-chan; bunny)

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