Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's 10:35pm on a school day. I should be continuing to write college essays right now, but I'm taking a break at the moment (*coughprocrastinating). Just yesterday, I was skimming through some old posts on this bloggie and randomly checked out the blog of White on Rice Couple, who commented some time ago xD. I'm so addicted! I love reading food blogs and the photos (and of course the writing!) especially have my attention.

Right now I'm reading their Portrait of a Gourmand post. Again, such adorable family photos! I absolutely loved reading about Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef's story of how they met. I love their family philosophy and I'm mighty envious of their daughter, Lucy. She's blessed with foodie parents and my gosh, she even helps them in the kitchen! Did I mention that she's two years old?

A little far into the future, but someday when I have children of my own, I'd like to teach them to love food and keep them involved with each process. My mom took great pains to get my brother and me to eat healthily and she's succeeded with me- no skipping meals, no eating excess junk, increasing intake of water, fruit, and vegetables... Since my dad is a cook and my mom cooks for a hobby, I've come to love eating food, exploring new foods, and sharing what I make. After all, what is life without good food? My children too should be able to realize this :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Laaazy post

As usual, I've been making random food but haven't had time to post them. I'll just cram them all into one post.... :D

For my friend's birthday in July, I tried my hand at making white chocolate macadamia cookies. Firstly, I'd like to stress how expensive macadamia nuts are and how hard they were to find outside of Whole Foods. Secondly, I'd like to mention that sugar is not to be underestimated. I added so much sugar to these poor cookies... the other people I gave the cookies to were afraid to eat them, for fear of diabetes. =w=

oof and please forgive the camera quality. I need to get some sort of a lens cleaner already...
In October, my parents bought way too many asian pears at home. As a result, I made spiced
pear jam to go with waffles. I'm still not finished with the second jar though...

Stacy's pita chips are kinda expensive for me (I'm a sucker for cheap things :P) so I was thrilled to find Sahadi's. It's a great Middle Eastern grocery store located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn and they have the cheapest possible pita bread that I've seen- ONLY $.75 a bag for 6 pitas. Along with cheap pita, I made my own hummus, which is so much more cost effective even compared to buying it from Trader Joe's! I recommend using dried garbanzo beans as it saves cans AND it's... cheap. I just can't stop using this word!

I've been looking for silicon baking cups for the past few years and usually they're $20 for 12. Can't have that... Then I found some for only $2 at Jack's 99 cent store~. But I haven't been making cupcakes at all so I finally found a use for them; mini quiches. I'm too lazy to make/ buy crusts, so these are sans pastry. Basically I grated cheddar cheese, layered chunks of spam and onion, and added a whisked egg with milk. The little toaster oven baked them in about 10 minutes? if not 15. Aren't they adorable?

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