Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recent Bento finds with photos

Kam Man (Chinatown) :
Rice molds, egg molds, sushi molds, grass sushi dividers, takoyaki pick $3-5 range

Takoyaki Pan $20

Various imported Japanese bento $10-20 range

Pearl River Mart (Soho):

Hello Kitty 2-tier bento, deer bento, rabbit bento, matching utensil set $3.75

Vegetable cutters $4 range

Imported Cram Cream bento $15 range

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh finally a bento update- Kam Man Foods

Or store location rather. All my years that I've lived and grown up around Chinatown, the one store I forgot to check was Kam Man (or Golden Door lit translated), a long standing supermarket on Canal St. On their window display, they have the typical Japanese dishwares and chopsticks that were located in the basement. Little did I know their basement also had a crapton of cookware, sushi supplies, and most importantly Japanese bento. These aren't those cheapy Natural Lunch boxes, but uh.. better and much cuter. Most of them are two-tiered with some sort of plastic seal that keeps light oils and a bit of sauce from leaking; roughly $15 for most bentos. The only downside is that everything here is covered in a layer of dust, which is a shame speaking that they have such great items.
*Note they also stock the small rectangular $6? and heavy square tamagoyaki pans $15?, takoyaki pans $20, japanese fish grills, and some other bento supplies that I haven't had a good look at. I'll be near there tomorrow so if I remember, I'll have some photos as well. Stay tuned~

Turnovers and Pizza

Another invite-a-friend-over-to-bake session some weeks ago. :)
Struggling to find a quick and easy to prepare recipe, we finally decided on a Cherry Turnover recipe I found in my FOOD magazine. I've finally come to appreciate the existence of premade puff pastry as my last attempt to make it was an outright failure. But admittedly, the overall taste of the turnover was mediocre and bland, speaking that we only used puff pastry and pie filling. At least it looks quite nice :D

My Independence Day was spent stuck at home with my mom and brother since everyone else was busy with their own barbecues and whatnot. Another internet search led to my first homemade whole wheat pizza dough and several hours later, a slightly overbaked pizza. The dough was definitely too thick and the pizza lacked a bit of everything. There's a first time for everything...

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