Friday, January 13, 2012


WOW I have not been on this blog for a whole year... kind of a shame, as I still do make food and all sorts of things. Anyhow, this whoole post here is to review a Strapya World purchase that I made a few months back!

If you are my friend, you are more than likely to know that I am a huge huge fan of Rilakkuma. I squeal endlessly upon seeing new Rilakkuma artwork on the San-X page and I check Strapya always for new Rilakkuma products. Now one of my all time favorite collections? was the Rilakkuma bunny one, with Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma wearing fleece-y bunny suits. Super cute~ I was very happy to see that Strapya sold items from this collection, on top of having the POCHETTE!


Unfortunately, the Rilakkuma version was sold out by the time I made my order. So much for owning both ;___;

Anyhow, this bag is just too soft, too cute, and I'm so terrified of ruining it.

Seeing that it was a shame to simply keep it as a keychain/ bag decoration, I also decided to crochet a strap for the bag as well; then I can wear it PROUDLY around my neck... which I haven't really been doing lately.

Bonus picture: in my pjs. DON'T JUDGE

Even as a college student now, I will still melt over this adorable and lazy Japanese bear (my
brother too)! My brother actually convinced me to get this bag. :D

Thank you Strapya World for making San-X products available for international customers! Would buy again with discounts and shipping deals (sorry I'm cheap too).

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