Saturday, November 17, 2007

late cookies

I baked these cookies... last month and I forgot to post:

Shortbread Cookies from Simply Recipes.
The first batch on the right turned out ok, but took really long. Rolling cookie dough on wax paper and plastic wrap isn't easy. Most of the cookies were given to Niki for her birthday.
The second batch was for my brother and me, but my mum got one too. I could've used less lemon juice since the lemony taste was a bit strong. It also could've been better if I had made the cookies as thin as Elise made them, but I had a hard time transferring them from my table to the pan. I should try experimenting with other spices in the cookies.

Macy's Rush

I had a terrible time shopping today. Macy's had their two day sale thing and a buy-$75-of stuff-and-get-a-DVD-player-for-$20 again. And then I'm wondering, how many frigging people are in the store? It was so crowded too. The knife set that my mum and I wanted were sold out when we arrived. The $19.99 memory foam pillows disappeared off the shelves by the time we got to the 6th floor. Those pots that we weren't even gonna buy were completely cleared off 4 shelves. And the entire time, my mum was trying to be a thrifty asian: On the 9th floor, this lady was handing out $10 off coupons. My aunts got three, my mum got... five of 'em and was trying to make me get more. And the DVD players? We waited in line to get FOUR of em (with help of aunts). We were buying shit like crazy and she already bought over $80 of cookware and bakeware the day before. We left with 3 shirts, a colander, four DVD players, and a bar of Godiva chocolate, which took around 4 hours to run around and buy.

A few hours ago, my mum tells me that she wants to buy this $50 eau de parfum from Diesel. A few hours after that, I tried to convince my mum to help pay for cheap-loli w/ paypal. Within 3 minutes, she refuses completely. So now I'm off to pay on my own and hope that she won't dig in my half cleared closet going, why is there a lot of lace in your closet? Explaining accessories is easy. I bought 2 pyramid spike belts, a pyramid spike bracelet, a bracelet with gothic crosses, and a vial of black nail polish when I was in middle school. My mum is perfectly fine with it. Clothing is completely different.

Friday, November 9, 2007

omigah~ meh shoes

These are the only "loli-shoes" I have so far. @w@ and cheap too. I do wish that Payless would have more of these, but I bought this last year...
Below is the outfit I'm buying this year... ;o; that's almost $200

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