Monday, July 23, 2007

Re: June post, previous bento and 4th of July cake

Here's the souffle that I attempted to make in a custard cup (I ate some before the picture was taken so..yea ._.), the last photo I took of my daily bentos, and a small cake I made for my friends on the 4th of July.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Store updates and more

O~su! I'm finally back and I've updated the store section again and if you're too lazy to scroll down, here are the updates with some additional comments:
Japan Home Center: (Chinatown, NYC)
tamagoyaki pan (is under $3, is more sturdy than the $1.99 tamagoyaki pan sold at Banzai99 and is sold in CHINATOWN *coughmichellecough*)
sushi roll molds (There are two different molds for this just for you know- the smaller one is for single fillings and is $2.50; the bigger one is $3 and yah.. it holds several fillings. Note that they only make the kind of sushi with the nori on the outside.)
Sunrise Mart: (SoHo, NYC)
new discoveries: Plastic sushi grass is sold for $.99 by the pocky section. Pocky sale; $.99 per box (contains 4 packs inside). I've read from other people that Sunrise sells Panya cookies for $.99 in huge bags after 9PM. Note that there are two Sunrise Marts in NYC and they close at 10PM on weekdays, if i remember correctly.

I have this obsession with Mont Blanc pastries and wagashi now. Somebody seriously has to help me buy chestnuts and kanten so I can make them~ ;o;

Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Post of the Month

Hehe.. I havn't updated for a while.
Summer: Moving on to HS, Summer School in Chinatown until mid-August, volunteer work at Day Care Center afterschool, almost no time with friends, tons of *gag* summer hw..
At least I can still find the time to make a bento everyday ^_^;;

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