Monday, August 30, 2010

Ginger what?

If only I had time to take photos, buuuut yesterday I attended the Asian American Restaurant and Food Fair at Flushing, NY! Unfortunately I was there volunteering at the Good Tea and Water tables and never got to sample all the foods. My team and I were busy brewing and serving maybe 3,000 cups of tea...

(I'm not pictured here though)

Of all the memorable foods that I DID have, the ones worth mentioning are the watermelon gazpacho (can't remember the restaurant), flan and coconut pudding (Sato Japanese and French fusion cuisine), and Ginger Ale (by Bruce Cost).

So right in between the Twin Marquis noodles table and the SOYA soy milk table, was this ultra cool Ginger Ale stand. When I was a kid I asked my brother, why is this soda called ginger ale when it doesn't really taste like ginger? Well by now I've tasted the Canada Dry brand's, Schweppes, Seagram's ... but Bruce Cost's is the answer!

If I weren't holed up at home today, I would run straight to Whole Foods to buy myself a bottle! This stuff is made with actual unfiltered ginger root and it tastes way more genuine compared to its mass produced, high fructose corn syrup counterparts.

Para mi
(yes, spanish) downing this ginger ale is a somewhat masochistic experience. The distinctive taste of ginger slightly burns my mouth. BUT IT FEELS GOOD. Really. In the end it soothes the throat as well. It also comes in Jasmine Green Tea flavor and Pomegranate, both of which have a bit less of that burning sensation and tastes great~

For now I'll stick to freezing my mouth with Coconut Ice Pops at home though... will be dreaming of ginger ale for the rest of the week.

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