Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beard Papa's bliss

Jenny gave me my first cream puff today. The crunchy outer shell, the huge mound of real vanilla custard cream all in:

OMGWTFBBQ where can I get this big beast of a cream puff? check here

Went to 8th Ave today; walked a mile to kill some time and I found some pretty neat stores that I'll actually revisit. If only there was purikura... somebody needs to start one.
I also found this one lady who sells cell phone plushies in front of one of the bakeries. She had 4 huge garbage bag size bags full of plushies and her kid had one on his zipper too. They were fairly cheap and she told me shipments come in from korea every week. I found a black Ai-chan plush and bought it immediately. But after walking around 8th Ave, I realized how much the Koreans mass produced her. I wonder if Otsuka Ai is aware of that. edit: are they actually factory rejects (they're not very perfect ie. crooked ear, glue not strong)?

(Ai-chan; bunny)


White On Rice Couple said...

Oh we love Beard papa's cream puffs! There's one down the street from us in California and it's addicting! This is our first time here and when we saw this cream puff, we had to stop and say Hi! and Yeah!

☆Hachiko☆ said...

aww I wish I lived closer to Beard Papa's; 's an hour away by subway.

Thanks for visiting

White On Rice Couple said...

Wow, thats far. We'll go eat a couple extra in your honor! :)

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