Saturday, February 2, 2008

good things

Today, I've had the most fun since forever. Even though I went to the Alice's Tea Cup on the wrong side of Manhattan and had to chase a crosstown bus to get to the east side... even though I had to through Chinatown and SoHo to get my mum's metrocard then run to Sunrise Mart..even though I had to run 10 blocks down Lexington to find Amber, it was loads of fun. burando grope
Good things: I got to know the other lolitas more, I got to eat good food at Alice's Tea Cup, I ate my first scone: pumpkin. Best of all, my mum finally got to see my Anna House skirt. Her reaction was, it's pretty... but up close, it's SO WIDE.

Which reminds me. While I waited for my mum at the Canal St. station, this blue-haired anime fangirl took one look at me and shouted, OMGGOTHICLOLITAAA.. then ran away.

My cup of tea :U I like it with as little sugar as possible, but man does this stuff smell fine!

Amber, you make me cry; 4 packets of non-sugar sweetener in a single cup of tea.


Joy said...

Hee, I happen to like my tea sweet too. :D Too bad for you. I also like with milk, oooh so enticing! Eeek, but four packets is extreme. Did you know that non-sugar sweeteners are carcinogeous? D: Oh no. Hum? Post a picture of your Anna House Skirt, please.

☆Hachiko☆ said...

o 3o Anna House skirt here:
and here:

Joy said...

Ooh, that's the one. Cute! <3

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