Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pita Bread and Hummus

Just recently, I discovered hummus. Not that I haven't heard of it before or anything, but I've never had the chance to try it. I was at Costco a few weeks ago with my mum and they had these pita chip + hummus samples... D:

I became addicted

I went on a hunt for good spots to find ingredients and on Yelp, I found a five-star specialty foods store called Sahadi's, which was a half mile from my school. So I made my journey and found the spot. It was $2.19 for a half pound of Homous (D: why are there different spellings?). If you want it a bit cheaper, hummus is $1.99 at Trader Joes, but the stuff at Sahadi's is said to be the best.

For the bread, I found a recipe on The Fresh Loaf. If you'd rather make the pita using this recipe instead of buying, make sure to read the comments.

First batch:
Had to slit the pockets myself and the pita was thicker than it should've been.
The filling here was salmon and baby bok choy. At the time, I didn't buy hummus yet so I filled it with whatever food I had on hand.

Second batch:
Mixed whole wheat flour into the dough although most of the bread formed small pockets rather than a whole pocket. :P
So the key here is to roll out the dough as flat as possible. Feel free to experiment with different types of flour while remembering that most of the dough needs to be all-purpose flour.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

今日の料理 Today's Cooking

After finally mustering up the courage to finally buy a frying pan, I decided the first thing I wanted to make were crepes! Only recently have I tasted French crepes from Macaron, so I got a reputable recipe from allrecipes. It's simple and doesn't take very long to prepare- a plus!

The second recipe I wanted to try for lunch for a really long time was omurice.
=w= It doesn't LOOK as nice as the one I ate from Tokyo Bar a few months back, but it does taste pretty darn good. Recipe from Just Hungry.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

French Macarons

I don't remember when I started craving for them, but did spend a while searching for good recipes for French macarons. First of all, American 'macaroons" are quite different besides the extra 'o'; do not mistake the two. I haven't tasted [coconut] macaroons before but people who have had the real deal swear by macarons.

Several months ago, I was out on a search for Go Go Curry (as recommended by Leena) and due to a lack of navigational skill, got lost. While I was running down 36th st, I saw a nice big sign: MacarOn.

(insert epic macro)

My brains exploded

I walked inside and lo and behold, a big big BIG array of macarons awaited me. They're heavenly and I do recommed you to RUN to this place right now. Of course, if you can spare $1.75 for a cookie, go for it. There are some pretty long lines sometimes but I haven't ever come across anything longer than 3 people. Being a pretty cheap and jobless student, It's kinda *cough*hard for me to shell out $2.50 or even $5 for one of those macarons at La Maison du Chocolat plus what better than to grab a big juicy macaron(s) after a day's worth of shopping at Herald Square. (Their sandwiches have good reviews too :D)

Nevertheless, it's a convenient location tucked away safely away from tourists (haw haw haw) and if anything, try a macaron. There are samples on plate sometimes so if you're lucky you get to try a piece before you buy any.

other reviews
*plugs* Yanise's

161 W 36th St
(between 7th Ave & Broadway)
New York, NY 10018 (646) 573-5048

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh sh*t I'm older now

That's right people, I'm 15 years old :D
For now it feels *ahem* good to turn older but I'll probably be thinking a little differently in a few years or so. (oh wait I'm not that old right now anyways)

For people who gave me birthday wishes and presents and whatnot, why THANK YOU
It was the best birthday I've ever spent even though I had to hold my party the day before school started.

Complimentary photo:

For those who have known me before HS... I've changed a lot haven't I? :D
I'm truly proud of myself.

*must work harder in school now!*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tokyo Bar

If you're in NY, you should check out the Chopsticks NY magazine. There are tons of listings of restaurants and such through which I've found Tokyo Bar plus a few other places that I plan to visit.

SO if you're craving some good Japanese "comfort food" try Tokyo Bar. A and I saw an ad for Tokyo Bar and decided to try their early bird dinner special. Both of us chose an omu-rice and a green tea dessert. It was really filling and most definitely worth the money :D

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mango Panna Cotta

I've been meaning to make another panna cotta since the last one I did wasn't much of a success. So I took this recipe and replaced the lemon rind with mango puree then topped it with... mango chunks. Forgive my shitty picture quality; I don't know what I did to the camera but it's blurry even after I wiped it with a lens cloth.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

I was at the Nathan's hotdog eating contest with a few friends yesterday. Basically... Kobayashi won 2nd place again with Joey Chestnut first; both ate 59 hotdogs in 10 minutes but Kobayashi lost by 7 seconds.
Plus there were SO MANY fans of K. there cheering including us. Wherever we moved, there was some amount of Japanese women cheering for K.
So yeah. \o/ Kobayashi was really cool about it even thanking people for supporting him and his last words: "I love you guys" :DDDD
We headed towards the beach afterwards, had a small picnic and frolicked in the water (and got a tan DX).

Monday, June 16, 2008

giant sushi platter

D: It was really good. That's all I can say.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

International Lolita Day at the Met and Kinokuniya

=w= mugged some photos from Nancy... hope ya don't mind, dear

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