Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear Sarah of BentoTV,

Your most recent episodes have disappointed me. You're repeating things you've done in previous episodes and it's not much more helpful. Second of all, those chopsticks that are the size of your head are for EATING. People do eat with LONG CHOPSTICKS and I wish you'd hold them right. Third of all, fruit juice + tapioca pearls =/= Bubble Tea. Well gee, I didn't know it used TEA. I only continue to watch because you have nifty things and a big bento collection that I want badly.

I'd send this to her, but no. I really don't need to talk with her. At least she doesn't speak Wapanese on her posts.
I'll stick with Just Bento and Bento Corner...

Um... yea. Please do your research; your pronunciation doesn't matter as much since you're not a nihonjin. But seriously. Gomasio?

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