Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year

On Sunday, my mum dragged me to Chinatown to see the parade and lion dancing. But damn, did we come late and it already started to snow. So while we were walking down Hester, we went to see some rat-themed costume contest. Wasn't that bad at first. The third girl who walked up was 6 years old and her mum made her a whole costume with make up. Adorable yes!
Until I saw this white lady run up the stage.
wooden chopsticks..
and she was baring those teeth of hers like YUMYUMCHINESEFASTFOODD

She ran up to cameras and clacked her chopsticks at the crowd, photographers, and the people on stage. D:
I was ready to shout GET THIS FUCKER OFF THE STAGE! SHE'S KILLING MY COUNTRY'S 4000 YEARS OF HISTORY! But I left dragging my mum. No way am I gonna watch this takeout rat, no fucking way. Then I heard: I'M CHARLOTTE'S WEB'S RAT :DDDDD
the fail oh god...


Joy said...

PHAIL. I think I just expired. Thanks for shaving 40 years off of my life. I was down there, but I didn't go to the parade and watch lion dances. How sad, I miss doing that stuff. I didn't know that they had a rat costume contest. Where to they hold them? Are they annual contests?

☆Hachiko☆ said...

D: it was b/w hester st and mott st. This was the first time in.. 2 or 3 years that I went to Ctown on CNY.
It was hosted by the DAILY NEWS... burn them with fireeee

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