Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh sh*t I'm older now

That's right people, I'm 15 years old :D
For now it feels *ahem* good to turn older but I'll probably be thinking a little differently in a few years or so. (oh wait I'm not that old right now anyways)

For people who gave me birthday wishes and presents and whatnot, why THANK YOU
It was the best birthday I've ever spent even though I had to hold my party the day before school started.

Complimentary photo:

For those who have known me before HS... I've changed a lot haven't I? :D
I'm truly proud of myself.

*must work harder in school now!*


Joy said...



Yes, you have changed quite a bit, although it's only been a year since we've seen each other. Ahh, what am I saying? A year, huh? Oh gosh, it's been so long since we've seen each other...

Someone knock these sentimental feelings from me!!! ><

☆Hachiko☆ said...

:D *wack*

it's nearing two years ya know

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you~~

☆Hachiko☆ said...

thx :3

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