Saturday, October 11, 2008

今日の料理 Today's Cooking

After finally mustering up the courage to finally buy a frying pan, I decided the first thing I wanted to make were crepes! Only recently have I tasted French crepes from Macaron, so I got a reputable recipe from allrecipes. It's simple and doesn't take very long to prepare- a plus!

The second recipe I wanted to try for lunch for a really long time was omurice.
=w= It doesn't LOOK as nice as the one I ate from Tokyo Bar a few months back, but it does taste pretty darn good. Recipe from Just Hungry.


Joy said...

Hohoho, thanks to my amazing new chinese teacher, I can actually read the kanji thar. >:]

MMM yummy! Hmm, how'd you get the egg on your Omuraisu to get all nice and yummy looking? I can never get it right... >>

☆Hachiko☆ said...

When I made the egg part, I was so disappointed-it wasn't all nice and yellow like in the dramas.. But yummy looking? :D ketchup and extreme 3pm lighting effects. Maaan it was good tho

First time making omurice anyways.
How do you usually make yours? o 3o

Joy said...

Oh, I meant like, yummy as in all perfectly round and stuff! And with a yummy looking heart in the center. :D

Haha, I usually make my omurice with butter, leftover rice from the fridge, (for a different texture of fried rice that I prefer to fresh rice fried rice :O) onions, chicken, eggs, and ketchup! I don't use precise measurements, so I can't really tell you exactly how I make mine... >> haha! But I can never get the egg to be nice and perfect like yours. D:

☆Hachiko☆ said...

I see what you mean noww

I didn't wrap the rice in egg. Instead, after cooking the rice with the meat+ketchup, I piled it into my plate with the egg placed on it.
sooo yeah
Apparently, that keeps the egg evenly cooked and is.. easier ;P

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