Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pita Bread and Hummus

Just recently, I discovered hummus. Not that I haven't heard of it before or anything, but I've never had the chance to try it. I was at Costco a few weeks ago with my mum and they had these pita chip + hummus samples... D:

I became addicted

I went on a hunt for good spots to find ingredients and on Yelp, I found a five-star specialty foods store called Sahadi's, which was a half mile from my school. So I made my journey and found the spot. It was $2.19 for a half pound of Homous (D: why are there different spellings?). If you want it a bit cheaper, hummus is $1.99 at Trader Joes, but the stuff at Sahadi's is said to be the best.

For the bread, I found a recipe on The Fresh Loaf. If you'd rather make the pita using this recipe instead of buying, make sure to read the comments.

First batch:
Had to slit the pockets myself and the pita was thicker than it should've been.
The filling here was salmon and baby bok choy. At the time, I didn't buy hummus yet so I filled it with whatever food I had on hand.

Second batch:
Mixed whole wheat flour into the dough although most of the bread formed small pockets rather than a whole pocket. :P
So the key here is to roll out the dough as flat as possible. Feel free to experiment with different types of flour while remembering that most of the dough needs to be all-purpose flour.


Joy said...

Mmmmm! Looks great as usual! How was the hummus one? :D

☆Hachiko☆ said...

:D It was freaking good with cucumbers!
Someday I'll make tzatziki for it and see how that goes

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