Friday, March 7, 2008

East Village exploration

On Fridays, I often go out into the city somewhere and find new places to eat and buy cheap groceries. So today I hit the Sunrise Mart on Stuyvesant St, Panya, and Whole Foods. Check the Japanese stores and bento supplies section for more details on Sunrise Mart and Panya.

Yelp and HotStop are my most helpful resources when I find places. The reviews on Yelp are quite interesting to read and since I have such a terrible sense of direction, I found many a place via HotStop complete with which subway exits to leave by, where to walk, and how long the walk+ subway ride will take.

;A; Whole Foods is an explosion of about everything I want. The artisan breads, the two-bite confectioneries, the big stacks of fruit... but it's so popular, that I have to squeeze past people at every shelf and leaving is just as big as a problem when billions of people are flooding in every second. The register system I haven't been through yet, but oh my god.. I want to run up to the lighted register numbers and the giant screen and just poke and prod them. I should get my mum to start buying stuff there.

This week I've lost: My gym lock, my ID card, my cellphone plushie (AI-CHAAAAN D;), my MUJI mech. pencil. I can really compile a list like this every week; shame on me.

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