Monday, March 10, 2008

Thx vrymuch Amberrrr

Finally getting my first brand piece and dream jumperskirt since I watched Shimotsuma Monogatari; So I won't be getting the onepiece from Anna House.

I'm so happy ;A;
Hopefully Mai will win the auction, though there's still 2 more days before it ends.
Mai won the auction! JSK is mineee

amani (11:16:43 AM): it'd be pretty good
amani (11:16:54 AM): red tartan jsks + bows are hard to come by
nekohana x3 (11:17:00 AM): mm
nekohana x3 (11:17:10 AM): + new
nekohana x3 (11:17:16 AM): with tags
amani (11:17:55 AM): mhm
amani (11:18:05 AM): so if you were to sell it, you can easily sell it as a set
amani (11:18:14 AM): for the same price if not more
nekohana x3 (11:18:47 AM): <3

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