Monday, January 21, 2008

For the sake of excitement

After a year of waiting, I've finally gathered all the ingredients I needed to make Anjali's Kurogoma Cupcakes! *o* Not only is it tasty, but even my picky older brother likes it. Thumbs up man! D: dunno, but every picture I took of the frosting turned out lighter than it really is...I'll post it in a bit, but not now since I'm not done frosting every one of them in the luscious, creamy matcha frosting. YES I made real frosting too. Now I'll cross my fingers and hope my mum eats the frosting and doesn't yell at me for mugging half of the black sesame seeds. Remembered that she can't eat butter ;o; lactose intolerant.

And yesss I actually cooked a whole meal for my family the other day. Happy mum= happy day. But of course, it makes her so happy she has to tell every person who calls her that Amy MADE DINNER. So the recipe I tried (which my bro ate all of it) was another of Anjali's: Agedashi Tofu. But I used firm tofu in place of the cotton tofu and pan-fried it in our big flat-bottomed wok. ; 3; It makes me so happy to see that recipes I've bookmarked a year ago can actually be used and very much worth the wait.

Also forgot to mention that I *tried* to prepare soba noodles for lunch.. my brother didn't like it; too bland. Also 'coz it's omgmadHEALTHYFOODdesu~! (;゚Д゚) ... and it was the cheapest bag of soba from Sunrise Mart.
To the people who have actually eaten soba the right way, point out anything that seems... off (besides the lack of kaeshi cups...)


Anonymous said...

ah,you do seem excited, hm that cupcake must be great!! hope to see a picture of it soon! i'm sure things are going to turn out great!! cant wait to see your next post!

Joy said...

Tastee. Soba is good, try other soba recipes. This is only Zaru Soba.

Joy said...

Eeek! My mom hates frying food, she says it smells up the house. I won't be frying any food until I get my own place, beyond my college years. I'll probably end up burning it down... D:

☆Hachiko☆ said...

wot. It's PAN-FRYING woman! Don't you have one of those fan thingies over the stove that takes away smells and oil? Plus you only need a few...tablespoons of oil. You won't burn down the house trying to flip tofu with chopsticks.

I totally need to cook with you someday~! 8D

Joy said...

Wait, it's not deep fried? Le gasp! I must make my mom let me make this. We currently have an excess of tofu in this house of mine.

☆Hachiko☆ said...

Hell yea! It's cheaper to make your own anyways :x I saw Sunrise Mart sell a box of it for over ...3 bucks I think?

Yey for tofu.

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