Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Favorite foods at hand, bento storing, homemade butter

Dear Yoplait,
I love you very much! Will you stay in my fridge forever?

favorite flavor: Whips! Chocolate Mousse Style

Haw Flakes are the bomb.

GOOD (and cheap) curry. I bought it on sale and my brother and I secretly eat it when our parents are out :x And if the box behind the curry roux? That's the "ichigo dessert" that I also bought on sale. Promise me that you'll stay the hell away from it; flavor=ok, preparation= convenient, aesthetics=questionable. That stuff was NOTHING close to the bright pink in the picture. I would've been a lot happier if it made more since it's regularly priced at around $2 plus it's just a pouch of jelly that you mix with milk.

How I store my bento collection:

The blue lunch bag is now used to hold my fake lacquered sakura bento, my oshibori, green baran(plastic divider) that's kinda visible on the netting, candy thermometer, suribachi, and Japan Home Center bento.
Outside of bag: (top right, down) 6 clear boxes used for dividing up snacks and one of them containing sakura denbu, 3 jars of furikake (bonito, beefsteak plant, and salmon), plastic cup holding 3 sets of mini chopsticks with one いただきます chopstick missing and a mini grater.
2nd row; blue Japan Home Center kinchaku, blue Feel at Ease bento, green collapsible Putifresh bento, green tight Putifresh bento, Totoro bento still unused(ilu P&K) , mini Comment vas tu? bento.
3rd row; 5 different rice molds, V-Color forkchopstickspoon case, 2 i.kotoba blue and pink bento.
random: packaged mochi for shabu-shabu/okonomiyaki/etc, dashi soup stock set (wakame, bonito flakes, dashi kelp), nori (upper shelf), tempura batter mix.
Homemade Butter: Fill a small glass jar half way with heavy cream and add a pinch of salt. Shake for about 20 minutes or so until butter lumps form. The rest of the liquid left behind is buttermilk, which can be used in other recipes. Place butter lumps on a seive/ collander to let drip excess whey. You can spoon the butter into a mold or a small bowl covered in plastic wrap, then cover and refrigerate to allow the butter to solidify.
recipe from Oishii Eats
picture: butter made yesterday and cheap ready-to-bake buttermilk biscuits from C-Town. Cheap food; 99 cent carton of cream + 3 tubes for $1.39 (30 biscuits)= biscuits that feed a crowd with pretty good health stats (if butter is substituted) and decent taste.
I still have some shiro-an (white bean paste) left over from making dorayaki and stuffed a small ball of the paste into a biscuit. D: I really need sugar.


SteamyKitchen said...

wow i can't believe you made home made butter!

☆Hachiko☆ said...

Trust me, it's not hard at all :D
Michael Chu's more in depth and informative about it, so check this out:

Joy said...

Yum! That's my favorite type of Yoplait too! mom tells me not to buy it because of all the air in the Whips! D: Says it's a rip-off, how I cry at night. Curry, I <3 curry! I made it once for my family's dinner. It was a success! I shall conquer recipes one by one! :D Your blog is gorgeous, keep posting luv!

☆Hachiko☆ said...

o 3o bu~t it's cheaper than real mousse! But I've finished all 23 containers of yogurt already. My mum was like IT'S OK! AMY LYKES TEH HEALTHY DAIRYYY 'S OK!
... it was on sale: 10 for $2. You cannot deny how worth it that price is. Keep checkin the Pathmark papers.

I love youuu <3

Joy said...

10 for $2? That should be illegal! They're more expensive in my midtown area... D;

Joy said...

I spy a giant bottle of furikake O_o woah. I just noticed it!

☆Hachiko☆ said...

:D you win the internetzzzz!

Anonymous said...

ehhh... I have some yoplait that's *been* in my fridge forever... but I doubt you'd want it.

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