Thursday, January 24, 2008

CTown Purikura, shrimpies, hotcake

I finally found an excuse to go to the purikura (print club) shop at the back of the Elizabeth Center Mall; Pauline Bertha-Mae and I met up afterschool to hang out together since we didn't get to for Bertha's birthday. We were so immature though; BALLS.
Warnings: Tic-Tac-Toe's takoyaki is crap; too soggy and undercooked. I paid $4 for 6 OCTOPUS BALLS (xD;;). Though it was funny how the wind/heating was blowing at the bonito flakes which made it look rather alive and moving. Sent us into giggling fits haha.
The purikura place charges $20 for the small photo set. I don't blame them too much, since the rent is expensive, but still. The most you can take with the small set is 7 photos and we ran out of time trying to decorate the photos. YES it's timed.

The purikura place I went to in China with my cousins were a lot different. We chose about 10 frames for the sticker photos from albums with numbers, stood in a long line (very popular place), the photos weren't timed, we could choose what to laminate the photos with, and the price was CNY $5. Cheap, friendly and *o* beautiful frames.

Recipe from aunt. おいしかった!


ホットケーキミックス (Hotcake Mix) was on sale at Sunrise Mart and I paid for it immediately. There's a certain charm to the packaging that I really like about it. Not just the happy kitchen utensils in the how-to make the pancakes part of the bag. Unlike your average American pancake mix, this big 800g bag comes pre-measured, so all you have to do is take out a 200g bag, measure out milk and add an egg. There's less hassle and it comes with additional recipes you can use with the mix like... donuts and bread. The recipes are also available online! The Nipponese seem to like it a lot and I see from tv shows like 二人ごと (Futarigoto). Aibon makes a heart-shaped pancake and Yaguchi Mari also makes some before Aibon's turn.
Psssst Aibon's also the reason why I bought that box of MokoMoko Chiffon Cake Mix a few months back.


Joy said...

Takoyaki is what led me to realize that I didn't like Worschire(sp?) Sauce or bonito flakes. Ahh, how I wish PuriKura were less expensive D:

☆Hachiko☆ said...

D; wot's wrong with katsuobushi? Dashi is magic! Bonito flakes are nothing without them!

sp: Worcestershire

I heard from people... I think it was Zaneta or Ashley Chow saying something about cheaper korean purikura places in Queens.

Joy said...

They're mad salty and sort of plain on takoyaki...

Heh, it's funny how you make no argument for the sad Worcestershire sauce. Thanks for the spelling correction. ;3

☆Hachiko☆ said...

For one thing, I haven't had real worcestershire sauce before.

;A; I don't remember if they put mayo on the damned takoyaki... Next time, I'm running to Otafuku and gettin' me some okonomiyaki and better takoyaki.

Jas said...

oh man , i hate the purikura booth in elizabeth center mall. it's like not cute enough. the one in flushing mall is SO much better. and only $7 while the one in elizabeth center mall is like $30.

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