Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bento Collection

I recently went to Banzai and bought about $15 worth of bento supplies~ :D
So here's my latest collection:
Photo 1: Most of my collection
Photo 2: My collapsible sandwich bento, a matching side dish container and a HK sauce container.
Photo 3: The collapsed version of the sandwich bento
Photo 4: My first bento with a handsewn elastic and a blue i.kotoba bento
Photo 5: 2 green Putifresh bentos
Photo 6: My trusty flat utensil set
Photo 7: All my rice molds
Photo 8: My trusty lunch bag; fits 2 bento boxes, my utensil set and 2 side dish containers
Photo 9: My *o*ful sakura bento (that's actually plastic ;o;)
Photo 10: somewhat matching kinchaku that actually fits both tiers for my sakura bento
Photo 11: My wonderful $2 tamagoyaki pan
._.ll I still don't understand how to post pictures on this blog..


Joy said...

*o* My tamagoyaki pan has higher sides. I got mine at Korean town for $5.00... you got yours for $3.00? I rarely make it because my sister is away at college now... I can't finish it when I eat it with rice D:

Anonymous said...

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