Saturday, June 2, 2007

Baked goodie and some news

._. I spent several hours making this. Since I didn't have a mini muffin pan, I had to use my regular sized pan and had to fix the portioning myself. They turned out pretty well though and my parents really liked them. For me, the recipe only yielded 10 tarts, but I suppose you could make one more tart if you used even less of the filling and pastry in each tart.
Ok. So I just came back from my 8th grade graduation trip which wasn't so great. Why? Well my school had us pay over $200 to spend only 2 days and one night at Washington DC. We mostly went to monuments and memorials. The places that actually required for us to pay money was for the bus ride to and from school, at the hotel (which we shared a room with 3 other people), our bagged lunch for the first day and bagged "dinner" for the second day and at two food courts. My bus' air conditioning kept breaking down and the emergency exits at the top of the bus had to be opened. Little did we know, there was going to be rain and lightning a few hours later. My teachers couldn't reach the latch while the bus was *moving* on the highway and even after we got off at school at 10pm, we still didn't get to close the darned things. The bus ride was a bit boring except for the occasional strange events (a car on fire on the opposite lane on the highway) and talking with my seat buddy, Nathan who was in my homeroom 2 years ago.
Psh..I know nobody really reads this blog unless I make them read it don't tell me that I have no life because that's already a known fact.

*Check Cassadaga post and shop guide for an update; Banzai 99cent Plus.

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Joy said...

Wow, those look so good!! Are those pear tarts? Ah, I don't think I wasn able to talk to you that entire trip. Oh noes!!! D: My bus was really rowdy the entire time, but I had fun...

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