Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recent Bento finds with photos

Kam Man (Chinatown) :
Rice molds, egg molds, sushi molds, grass sushi dividers, takoyaki pick $3-5 range

Takoyaki Pan $20

Various imported Japanese bento $10-20 range

Pearl River Mart (Soho):

Hello Kitty 2-tier bento, deer bento, rabbit bento, matching utensil set $3.75

Vegetable cutters $4 range

Imported Cram Cream bento $15 range


Lufflee said...

omfg wah <3 this makes me wanna go bento shopping again. I havent seen half these things stocked in stores before. The most i've ever seen were the puttifresh boxes or plain colors. Oh and i saw a natural lunch one once. Thank you so much for posting these. I wanna go get the veggie cutters asap xD <3

btw I love reading your blog :P

☆Hachiko☆ said...

:D Thanks for reading~ It's nice to know there are still people who read my blog haha.

I want to go bento shopping as well tho! xD It feels so good to buy all this stuff but it just sits around in the cupboard as I haven't been making bento at all recently. /fails/

Vero C.Metisse said...

I'm a French bento maker, I'll be in Manhattan next week. I was looking for places where to buy new bento boxes (I don't really need them, though °__°...)Thanks a lot for these addresses !

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