Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oh finally a bento update- Kam Man Foods

Or store location rather. All my years that I've lived and grown up around Chinatown, the one store I forgot to check was Kam Man (or Golden Door lit translated), a long standing supermarket on Canal St. On their window display, they have the typical Japanese dishwares and chopsticks that were located in the basement. Little did I know their basement also had a crapton of cookware, sushi supplies, and most importantly Japanese bento. These aren't those cheapy Natural Lunch boxes, but uh.. better and much cuter. Most of them are two-tiered with some sort of plastic seal that keeps light oils and a bit of sauce from leaking; roughly $15 for most bentos. The only downside is that everything here is covered in a layer of dust, which is a shame speaking that they have such great items.
*Note they also stock the small rectangular $6? and heavy square tamagoyaki pans $15?, takoyaki pans $20, japanese fish grills, and some other bento supplies that I haven't had a good look at. I'll be near there tomorrow so if I remember, I'll have some photos as well. Stay tuned~

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