Monday, October 8, 2007

A Lengthy Post

Through the few blogs that I've had, none of them are that great. My writing style is pretty much crap compared to other bloggers. It has taken me 14 years of my existence to realize that my life is quite dull and my strange obsession over lunch boxes has caused some of my friends to shun me. I'm not a smooth talker and yes, I'm quite sensitive (another point that has lost me many more potential friends). So from now onwards, I shall strive to perfect my writing and find some more hobbies.

Now that I think about it, this was supposed to be a food blog. Recently, I haven't posted much on bento and I've been pretty lazy. I'd post the hell out of the LiveJournal bentolunch community if my computer would somehow allow me to post more than comments on other people's blogs. Blogger is the only website I can blog and post pictures on whilst I stalk other peoples' fine blogs.

I tend to talk to people a lot online- people I don't know who seem to take an interest in me. Isn't that awesome? Pft. Of course not. I talked to people when I was in middle school and had conversations flowing for 2 days or so until the question about my age pops up. I'm strangely honest sometimes and my mum scolds me for being honest, which is absurd. So right when the question about my age pops up, I answer honestly and they respond with silence. And they leave. On rare occasions, the person on the opposite end has already been informed of my age and just some of those people choose not to ignore me, though I get a lot of 'lol's as a response to anything else I say afterwards.

Which reminds me of something that happened during the summer: During the Independence Day of '07, I decided to spend a day with my friend at Coney Island. While I was looking for my friend at the beach, this guy walks up to me and starts preaching about god. Right after saying that he'd give a blessing for what I was searching for he asks for my name. Whatever I was feeling at the moment somehow made me want to ask him, but my nonreligious self held back and I told him my name was Elizabeth. So this guy shakes my hand and I tell him that I don't want a blessing and I walk away. What was I supposed to do? I was 13 years old, standing in a crowded beach with this stranger walking up to everyone to give blessings. But I'll aways remember these awkward moments wondering what smart aleck comments I could've made.

This concludes my lengthy post. If you've actually read through all my crap, you should give yourself a pat on the back. If you think all that I've been typing is crap, leave. Now.
Thanks for reading anyways. Wanna give feedback? Do so. Have a happy fucking day.


O-renji said...

Hey. Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. It made my day. =D hm let me see…your friend who recommended that I visit your blog was Aurora. Well I hope to see you blog some more. =D

Joy said...

Haha, I read it all... D: I thought you were cool even thought you had an obsession over lunch boxes. I actually didn't think that it was even an obsession, I just thought it was something you liked to do. But, I guess I know what you mean because I know that it bothered Cody and Sabrina... that gives some more information about my secret identity :D No, but seriously I think you're awesome.

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