Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New bento boxes!

Just yesterday, I went to Japan Home Center after summer school to check if they had anything new..and they did! There's a whole line of microwavable plastic kitchen items, including rice cookers, water boilers, pans and the bento box set that I ended up buying. What I really liked was the fact that the set came with all the necessities for a two-tier bento- an inner divider, an elastic band, chopsticks, an inner sealer lid for the bottom tier, chopsticks, and even a kinchaku; $5.15 (full price with tax)
*The second bento box was purchased by my friends at AnimeNEXT, which I actually didn't get to go to.. Love ya Pauline+KT!


Anonymous said...

dood my sister wants that bento lol they have one like that at the japanese home center in chinatown

Joy said...

Japanese Home Center? Where? Oooh, you know, even though I've heard of your bento boxes, I regret that I've never seen one. Do you have a photo of one up here? That's actually the reason why I came here :P

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