Friday, March 12, 2010

I did once aspire to be a pastry chef ..

Just a simple list of to-make foods:
  1. biscotti
  2. macarons
  3. improved crepes
  4. molten lava cakes
  5. butternut squash anything
  6. cinnamon rolls
  7. ... anything else to suggest? I'll be sure to take photos when I do make it
Soo just a small update today and a look into my life as-of-current.

Over Christmas, I did make a few goodies for my friends, which I'll get around to posting pics of sooner or later. I haven't made any bentos for quite some time =w= will try again sometime soon.

For school, I've joined my school's musical production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. So I've been busy with rehearsal everyday + junior year= VERY busy indeed. But yah if you're around Brooklyn Technical HS around the 23th of April, do come and see the show. ;D

tata for now then~


Lufflee said...

aw! Good luck. Macarons are such a pain in the ass. I tried making them I think twice.. technically only once. The second recipe was this 'macaroon' recipe from foodnetwork which I think was really supposed to be macarons cause they looked like them. That was average. xP

Buuut you should def try out SHgardens Japanese cheesecake recipe. He changed the picture and added I THINK a converted recipe (the one I used had a better picture, and I had to convert everything from grams to cups lol) but the recipe is yummy and tastes just like the japanese cheesecake I buy at my fav bakery :)

thats the linkage. AH I also tried a cinnamon babka that kind of reminded me of a humungous cinnamon roll. lol. That came out good. Good luck and its great to see you posting again!

☆Hachiko☆ said...

@ lufflee:

aahhh I have made Japanese Cheesecake before but never posted it on the blog =w=; I got that recipe off of the Japanese Philadelphia Cream Cheese website.

But the blog from which SHGardens linked to is very intriguing! I shall try out the recipe from there, thank you!

As for macarons, I was planning to base it off recipes from the links from Tartelette
if you ever give any of these a try, tell me how it goes.

Aaand thanks for taking the time to comment ;)

Aya at the Dinner Table said...

MAKE MAGNOLIA'S BANANA PUDDING!!!!!!!! HOLY YUM! P.S. That recipe makes huge batches, which means you know who to share some of that with. *wink*

And you! Ms. haven't-posted-in-forever-and-haven't-hung-out-in-forever. I read your comment on my blog. I shall have to give the ELF one a whirl (if you really insist). Where do you buy it?

☆Hachiko☆ said...

banana pudding ;o must.try

I bought mine off of the ELF website with Amber a while ago. I will check to see if Target has them anymore tomorrow ; w;

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