Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For whatever reason, my mom decided to make a bucketload of red bean paste, causing a slight overflow of items in the fridge. I decided to use some of it up by making some sort of bread and I came across a recipe for Dou Sha Bao (red bean buns). Resulting in *drumroll*

So they're not the prettiest things and the tops are supposed to be completely sealed, but you can ignore that. The dough was mediocre so hopefully I can improve it. Overall it was pretty tasty. Props to mom for making the bean paste better than I can.

In my Spanish class, mi profesor allows for us to earn extra credit for our grade by preparing a Spanish dish and then presenting to the class. I grouped together with a few of my classmates on Monday to make Salsa and Magdalenas. The salsa turned out really well; would make again ;o The taste of the magdalenas was pretty good too. This goes to show that making food with other people is fun and makes things taste better. Posts following this one will probably be with friends again. Stay tuned~

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