Sunday, April 27, 2008

's come true!

Sakura Matsuri on saturday with the local lolitas~! Though Erika said we might not be able to eat picnic food there depending on the security guards, I'm definitely gonna bring my sakura bento there.

I should be doing my homework now, but I want to plan ahead so my friday won't be as stressful. I might have to ask around other people to see what they're bringing. But so far, I'm planning to make potato/cream corn krokke, small fruits, tamagoyaki (if I can somehow master making it with the wok...), small sandwiches (filling suggestion anyone?), spam musubi, dango/daifuku (if time allows), chikuwa stuffed with(?), and onigiri if anyone else isn't planning to make any.

I would love to hear some more suggestions. ^^

edit: It might rain that day D:
... I might only make dango and spam musubi onigiri.


Anonymous said...

Aww you’re so lucky…I wish I could go to events like that. =(
For filling for the sandwiches maybe you could have the normal sorts of things like…ham, tuna and cucumber, salad types of fillings or stuff. Or you could have jam… =3 Well I hope that your Saturday turns out well, I hope you will post some pictures too. =D Oh your blog anniversary is super close now. =D
Hope your doing well
Gingerbread =)

Joy said...

Sammiches? Sorry I'm a bit late for the date on suggestions... ): uhh, but maybe for later reference I'd suggest egg salad, ham/mayo, turkey/cheese, tuna salad? Yumms. I like sammiches. :)

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