Monday, December 24, 2007

pre-christmas sandwich bento and meringues

I was up pretty late making peppermint meringues and they didn't turn out the way they should've... oh well. The taste was exceptional, though I'm never gonna add candy canes to meringues again.

Hehe.. A croissant sandwich with the gingerbreadman-shaped meringue + vanilla ice cream + butter crunchers cookies = best lunch at school ever. I was so sugar high on Friday and DIBO (chorus) had us sing and gave us free snacks; I grabbed the 100 calorie packs XD.


Anonymous said...

Why would you add candy cane to meringues anyway? Wouldn’t you just use peppermint flavoring or something? Also that’s cool how you’ve made the meringue in to a gingerbread man shape. Very creative of you.

☆Hachiko☆ said...

Well, candy canes are the cheaper alternative to peppermint flavoring and it was listed as an ingredient in the recipe, so I decided to try it. Plus extracts are a bit expensive here; not as worth it as vanilla extract considering that I use vanilla more than any other flavoring in the kitchen.

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