Saturday, November 17, 2007

late cookies

I baked these cookies... last month and I forgot to post:

Shortbread Cookies from Simply Recipes.
The first batch on the right turned out ok, but took really long. Rolling cookie dough on wax paper and plastic wrap isn't easy. Most of the cookies were given to Niki for her birthday.
The second batch was for my brother and me, but my mum got one too. I could've used less lemon juice since the lemony taste was a bit strong. It also could've been better if I had made the cookies as thin as Elise made them, but I had a hard time transferring them from my table to the pan. I should try experimenting with other spices in the cookies.


Anonymous said...

woah, those cookies look nice. have you ever made gingerbead cookies?

☆Hachiko☆ said...

>__< I haven't. There are WAY too many spices in it that I don't have, and most of them are what I won't use. Thx for the comment.

Joy said...

You could try buying mixes if you're too lazy (as I am) to go and buy all the ingredients that you'll never ever use ever again. I must warn you, they're slightly overpriced.

☆Hachiko☆ said...

D: Do I need to teach you the basics of discounted grocery shopping?
1. Pathmark is your FRIEND
2. Target is also your friend
3. Coupons are your best friends (
...I don't "collect coupons" anymore :P
and I kinda don't use mixes now because there's less variation unless I search through for something worthwhile(with the exception of cornbread; cornmeal's pricey and $.50 for 6 muffins from a mix is way worth it)

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