Wednesday, May 9, 2007

fifth bento [with meat! :D]

My first time making an obento that actually has meat! I never have enough time in the mornings to cook meat and i just happened to have enough leftovers from the night before, though this bento was from 2 days ago.

top tier:
pickled vegetables with a sliver of beef, steamed tofu with shredded pork, sweet and sour cucumber slices, umeboshi, aka (red) kamaboko in a sakura shape with sesame seeds and kamaboko bits as a border and edamame on toothpicks
bottom tier: white rice with sakura denbu, edamame and bonito flake furikake

meh... the lighting was really bad at 6:15am and i was in a rush...

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Joy said...

Oh, it looks so yummy <3

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